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Every dog’s story deserves to be heard

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Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is like no other Great Dane we’ve met before. He is a survivor and continuously shows us his motivation and will to stay alive. After having been hit by a passing car, we found him in la Barra hiding in a shelter and holding on for dear life. We brought Scooby to receive the care he needed and his injuries were so severe that his tail was amputated and he had to spend weeks at the vet for full recovery. 

Now Scooby lives here at PEP and enjoys his daily outings. His injuries are all healed and he continues to make massive strides each day; bringing a smile to the faces of everyone who cares for him and visits him at PEP.


This sweet girl wears a permanent smile and is loved by everyone here at PEP. Pamphy was hit by a car some time ago and then rescued by a local family in town.  However, after a while the family realized they were unable to take adequate care of their needful pet, so they asked us for help.

We had Pamphy checked out at the vet and received the sad diagnosis...she would never be able to use her hindlegs for walking again. But as you can see she is a very happy soul and has no problems making friends! Pamphy is a lucky dog who with the help of her new specialized wheels, is able to run, explore, and enjoy her life again once more like a dog should! Pamphy is a special girl and is looking for a patient special human to accept her into their home.


Montana is nothing short of a warrior. She has faced danger and despair, and we are blown away by her resilience. When she was just three and a half months old and her owners abandoned her completely, Montana had no choice but to roam the streets of Puerto Escondido searching for anything edible in garbage cans and alleys in order to survive. 

The neighborhood was not happy with Montana’s presence and even threatened to poison her if she was not taken away. Thankfully, our persevering girl was rescued by PEP and is now at the shelter recuperating and sharing her light with the team each day.


This is our amazing Lazaro who we rescued off the streets in Columbia. We later found out that he had been in such a critical condition, Lazaro had been unable to move for 10 days straight.    His list of ailments ranged from an infected abscess on his neck, TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) and a tumor on his toe due to a neurological disorder. Due to lack of space at the shelter, as well as the fact that he needed a large array of treatments, Lazaro spent more than 3 months at the vet to fully recover. 

When he finally arrived at our shelter he was barely able to walk. Today, Lazaro can not only walk, but runs, plays, and jumps around with ecstatic joy in his new home at the shelter. We love Lazaro, and he is a gift to us all. The Amazing Lazaro would be a perfect member of your home.


With a name that perfectly defines what her presence conveys, Innocence is a slow and timid dog. She is tall and elegant, but her eyes reflect doubt and fear from her terrifying past. Our innocent friend was hit a few months ago on a road in Mexico by a car that crashed into her fragile body, and then fled the scene- without ever stopping to check on the condition of the dog they just hit. Fearful for her life, and obvious difficulty in walking, she somehow crawled to the side of the road where she remained lying for several days without any help. Puerto Escondido is located on the coast and temperatures can run extremely high. It is vital for any living creature to remain hydrated and sheltered from the sun during the hot hours of the day. Finally after days of brutal suffering, someone spotted Innocence and immediately called PEP (Dogs in Port), who went to help her, accompanied by a local veterinarian. Prior to their arrival, their initial plan was euthanization, seeing as the dog had spent days alone in the hot sun without medical attention. When they arrived however, what they saw was a sweet strong-willed girl who had remained alive and fighting for her life.

Today, after her intensive spine operation, Innocence walks again and is now being cared for in a safe haven for dogs. She is waiting for you to help!


The name Esperanza or 'Hope' in English could not be a better name for this dog. She arrived in October 2018 after being abandoned and tied to a pole of one of the corrals near the refuge. She had a rope tied around her neck which was sore and raw from her attempts to break free for days. She was pregnant and the neighborhood dogs who saw her as foreign, disorientated and dying, attacked her causing her to nearly lose her six puppies from the trauma and stress of the fight. Finally, one night she was saved by local neighbors who came to her rescue by putting her into the back of their truck to drive her away.

Today she is happy and healthy and brings new meaning to the word ‘Hope!’


Our visit in PEP (Dogs in Port) made us see the need and urgency this shelter has to continue their great work. Your help, however small, can make a huge difference and save the lives of dogs that, like Innocence, need our support.

With the purchase of even one Yahil Ferry leather dog collar you are participating in the donation program to this Shelter. Yahil Ferry will donate $5.00 to every collar purchased. 

We have other options to help support PEP: 



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